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Oh, women, women...
Druh nosiče: CD,MC
Vydavatel: © Atypus production 1996
AY 0006-2
Celkový čas : 53:15
Seznam skladeb:1.Žuna na dubě2:21love song from Vigantice near Rožnov
2.Hrdélenko moje1:41love song from Kopanice
3.Synečku, synečku2:39love song from Vsetín region
4.U hradiščskej brány3:20maiden love song from Vizovice
5.Škoda ťa, synečku3:16love song from Ratiboř near Vsetín
6.Žalo dyévča trávu3:21epic - love picture from Horňácko
7.Ej, Janku, Janíčku3:36wedding song from Jasenná near Vizovice
8.Chodyla Andulka4:47ballad from Nová Lhotka
9.Byla láska, už jí néní2:27maiden love song from Jasenná
10.Májíček, májíček2:30dancing love song from Vsetín region
11.Sedí Janoško3:23ballad from Březová near Lopeník
12.Dyž sem byla u maměnky svojí2:36wedding song from Jasenná
13.Už je dzeň, už je dzeň2:53love song "alba" from Starý Hrozenkov
14.Poďte chlapci, poďte1:51humorous love song from Hutisko
15.Ke Ščudlovu cesta dlúhá2:50humorous maiden song from Wallachia
16.Měla jsem já muža1:51humorous song from Javorník
17.Na Pulčinách jarmek býl1:50humorous song from Lidečko
18.Nechodívaj šohaj ke mně2:17humorous song from Javorník
19.Nedávaj ňa mamka1:42wedding song from Vsetín region
20.Páslo dívča pávy2:00dancing love song from Javorník
Jarmila Šuláková - vocal (1,3,4,5,7,9,10,12,14,15,17,19)
Dana Janíková - vocal (2,4,6,8,11,13,15,16,17,18,20)

Jan Rokyta - dulcimer (2,5,13,18)

Dulcimer band TECHNIK from Ostrava (1,3,4,6-12,14-17,19,20)
Miroslav Hlosta
Jiří Crha
Jiří Machač

Selected, compiled and arranged by Jan Rokyta

Recorded at Czech radio Ostrava between 1980 - 1995
Recording director : Vladimír Studnička, Jan Rokyta
Recording engineer: Ivo Roubal

A new recording of Eastern Moravian heritage is now appearing in a time of great musical diversity. Thank God, I say, because the truth is that folk song in its genuine form has been quiet little room by music producers.

The genuine form. Singers such as Jarmila Šuláková and Dana Janíková know what it means. We will recognize it, the way approach it, the way reach it. But first of all, we will recognize that they profess truth by their souls. They live for the singing, life is singing for them. Sometimes it is sorrow, sometimes about pleasure. We will recognize it all, we may cry sometimes and smile at other times, but we will have a feeling of truth. We will find it in words and music.

Jarmila Šuláková - is really an incredible fixed star in the firmament of folk. God endowed her with clear, strong voice. She was brought up in the musical family in Vsetín. She has seen deepest sorrows. This is typical for people who feel that folk is inseparable part of their lives. The need to sing from the heart was fated to Jarmila. All what we call "clear music " is here in balance with folklore. " The first lady of Moravian folk ", how journal "The Melody" described her, is really accurate.

Dana Janíková lives in Kostelany nad Moravou, a picturesque village in the center of "Moravian Slovakia". Listeners know, she is leader vocalist of dulcimer band Kunovjan from Uherské Hradiště. Although she is a whole generation younger than Jarmila Šuláková, she is very good partner for her. Her well set, distinctive, dark mezzo-soprano is in solo songs nice opposite Jarmila´s alto. And when they sing together, it is very difficult to guess who sings first and who sings second voice, especially when they alternate with each other in their duos. Similarity is really incredible.

TECHNIK dulcimer band from Ostrava was pleased to accompany both singers. Jarmila has already been accompanied 30 years by this band, Dana just for the first time. There was really no difference in the honesty of singing expression. "We respect both singers, because they bring their whole personality to it, they are under "the listener's microscope", they are supporters of the fundament and most important truth - singing communication".

The song world of East Moravia, into which we invite listeners, is simultaneously the world of both singers. Folk song from Rožnov, Vsacko, Vizovice, Valašské Klobouky excel in Jarmila´s singing, declaration of love or ballads from Kopanice and Horňácko are frequently directly predetermined for Dana´s voice.

MULIER MULIERI MAGIS CONVENIT - woman always understand other woman. There is no difference, whether in life or song. We men have to admit this fact - we can only express a little envy

Oh, women, women...

Jan Rokyta

Copyright © 2005 Pavel Rokyta & Cimbálová muzika TECHNIK Ostrava.